Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cichlid fish

Cichlid (pronounced as siklid) is a tropical fish from the family Cichlidae. Some species like angelfish, oscars, and discus, are highly valued in the aquarium trade.

The primary food for these fishes are algae, and plants.

Keeping the water base more clean and maintaining the temperature required by that particular cichlid will keep them healthy and also his will induce them to mate more readily. Feed them with protein rich food, during the time of breeding.

Breeding becomes easier to cichlids if the aquarium built with territorial creatures with sheltered areas where they can spawn. Rocks and plants can be used to provide them for hiding places. Mouth brooders will benefit from these hideouts because they will need more than usual protection when they are egg-laden.

Instead of large quantity feed at one go, feed them with smaller quantities frequently. Also you could provide them with rocks which have a lot of algal growth on them.